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Please complete this form, print it out, sign it at the bottom, and include it with your media.

For shipping, package your drive as if you were shipping an egg. Wrap it in 3 or 4 good layers of bubble wrap and place it in a well fitting box.
Remove all mounting brackets, laptop adaptors, mounting screws, cables etc. from failed drive, We dispose of any accessories that are non essential to the recovery

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Terms & Conditions

1.      I (Client) am unconditionally giving this drive to FUTURE VISION DATA RECOVERIES. I give a full free unconditional consent to Data recovery experts here to recover my data from my/my customers/friends/any ones hard disk for which I take full responsibility for data recovery.

2.      I am aware that the drive is a non functioning, I know that the data recovery from such a disk is difficult to do. I accept any recovery method or procedure as deemed fit by the data recovery expert.

3.      I am giving permission to open, the drive physically, if needed, also to repair, or replace, make changes to PCB, and the original firmware, or other parts. My drive is already in a dead and bad condition, I have been explained that the user data obtained, would be on as and where basis, and that it could also be inoperable data, if originally infected by viruses, Trojans or malware or trapped in bad sectors. I agree that the process of data recovery is a tampering process for the recovery of my data which could be an unsuccessful attempt for data recovery too and I have been explained in my language which I understand.

4.      I shall accept the data, as it was in the drive, assuming the fact that the obtained data would still be infected, or have missing files or headers, or also some data must have been lost, due to any condition, before the drive went into non functionality.

5.      I shall not claim any warranties, monies, or data loss charges from anyone of neither the experts nor the company called FUTURE VISION DATA RECOVERIES (Future Vision Institutes)

6.      I agree that I shall pay 20% of the final charges of the estimate, and it would remain non refundable and as advance given to data recovery experts.

7.      The estimate given can be increased or decreased, if the drive takes more time or money for its survival. The drive can also be returned back to the client if data is not obtained.

8.      I know that 75% or more data could be trapped in bad sectors, and the data in bad sectors cannot be salvaged and is lost forever.

9.      I know that, certain file types have header files, which can get damaged with viruses, malware, Trojans and /or power fluctuations, or during data transfer, or already get corrupted by cut paste methods.

10.    I have been explained that head or platter transplant may also be required in clicking/ and/or stopping drives. In such cases, I give permission to purchase/replace/ a drives head and the head replacement tool, to data recovery experts, giving them in advance an extra decided upon amount for arranging another drive and firmware, or any printed Circuit boards or micro SMD parts I am aware that even after a head replacement, it is not a guarantee given by the experts that full functioning data can be obtained. I am aware itís a 100% gamble process.

11.    I give permission to de-solder and solder any component on logic board, as necessary for my drive to function back for cloning purposes and that soldering a PCB can void warranty of the hard disk. I agree that these procedures mentioned in this agreement are a tampering process, required to obtain my essential data. So, I give permission to the engineers to do so.

12.    I know that data recovery process can cause new bad sectors, scratch on platters, or stop a functioning hard disk suddenly. I also am aware that heads of a hard disk give full data only if they are functional fully and are 100% in health.

13.    I have been explained clearly that no guarantee for working data/ full data/full working data or a working drive is possible in the best of hands in by a data recovery expert here at this lab.

14.    I am aware that FUTURE VISION DATA RECOVERY has all the equipment, material and knowledge, know how, head and platter transplant, setting and resetting the drive to a adequate working condition. I am aware that my hard disk/pendrive can completely fail/stop functioning/have firmware problems/get more damaged, because my drive/disk was already brought at their lab in a non functioning condition.

15.   I (customer)will take return back delivery of my non functional material within 6 working days. When I take back my non functioning material, I have checked it and it is in the original condition when I gave to them. Any changes done in the drive were for my beneficially. After 6 days Future Vision are not responsible for any loss/misplace of any Hard drive/Pen Drive/Memory Card.

16.   Drives/Pen Drives/Memory Card which are ship to us by courier and third party persons are under these terms and condition without signing the deposit form.

17.    I am solely responsible for all and any type of data from the drive, and the data recovery expert is not responsible for obscene data, pictures, or movies downloaded in the drive illegally.

18.    I am solely responsible for any systems, system files, unlicensed software, copied, downloads, of all software and data in the drive, including pirated material. The liabilities if any arising from litigations will be paid by me and not by the data recovery experts. The jurisdiction limits of Amritsar only.

19.    I will take a return back delivery of my drive within 6 working days. When I take back my non functioning drive, I have checked it and it is in the original condition when I gave to them. Any changes done in the drive were for my benefit. I have to obey the protocols of the company if I delay the procurement of the hard disk. A copy of this agreement is read by me and understood in my language by translating it through a translator. I agree to pay the ware house stocking charges if i do not pick up the drive in 21 days after the recovery process is over. I know that ware house charges are reasonable and at 200 rupees per day.

20.    Old Hard Disk From which the data is being recovered will not be returned to customer after recovery of his /her Data.

21.    I have read the agreement and unconditionally agree as a necessary process before I submitted my hard disk to data recovery experts here. I accept and sign this agreement. This agreement also covers all scopes and conditions of data recovery process set upon the client before the process of recovery is done and declared by the client to go ahead for a unexplained or explained recovery process. If I do not understand or misunderstand due to language or other undefined problem, I shall ask it from data recovery experts here. I declare that all what is done or was done or is being done is for my precious data. No acts of gross negligence, or Intentional or purposeful negligence or mistakes have been done by data recovery experts. Accidental mistakes have not been observed by me during the process of data recovery.

22.    Harddisk/PenDrive/Memory Cards remaing uncollected after 3 weeks from the date of intimation will be disposed of at the customerís risk.

Future Vision Data Recoveries not taken any responsibility after 3 weeks.

23.    If at all I go ahead for litigation then I strongly agree that the cost of litigation and all other associated costs will be borne by me. I shall be responsible for Wrong/defamatory reviews given by me on Google Maps/reviews. I am aware that itís a crime to defame a data recovery expert/company.

24.    I agree that besides these protocols written on this agreement page, there are certain other verbal, non verbal, signed, unsigned agreements; agreements of communication media are applicable on me (the customer).

The collection time of your recovered data is in between 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Please call us before you come to collect data from FUTURE VISION

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions set forth by Future Vision Data Recovery

Signature:____________________________________                 Date:______________