Computer Hardware & Networking

Computer Hardware & networking programs is the advanced level programs. It is a career developing program which explorer your career in It Industry as a Engineer or Net worker. This course would help the students to prepare for entry level Hardware job opportunities in the IT industry. The student's skill set in troubleshooting Hardware related problems, designing networks and trouble shooting the same will be enhanced to a considerable level to match the requirements of the Industry.

  • Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking (ADCHN)

  • Diploma in Computer Hardware & Software Technology (DCHST)

  • Advance Diploma in Hardware Technology (ADHT)

  • Diploma in Computer Hardware (DCH)

  • Diploma in Computer Networking (DCN)

  • Diploma in Computer Hardware & Maintenance (DCHM)

  • Certificate in PC Assembling & Hardware (CPAH)

  • Certificate in Computer Hardware & Peripheral (CCPH)

Also Covers All Syllabus Of MCSE, MCP, CCNA



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