Diploma in Accountancy and Financial Management (Two Year)

Advance Diploma in Computer Accountancy    (One Year)

Certificate in Computer Accountancy (Tally & Busy )  (Six Months)

Students are introduced to the fundaments of bookkeeping including debits and credits, assets, liabilities, equities, journalizing transactions, posting of accounts to ledgers and preparing a trial balance.Students transfer their knowledge from accounting Fundamentals and learn how to apply these concepts in a computerized environment using Simply Accounting. Some topics covered in this module include setting up computerized accounting system, computerized journals and ledgers, income statements and balance sheet, billing, taxation, payroll, as well as customer accounts.

Basic Accounting:-

  • Introduction to Accounts

  • Basic Principles of Accounting

  • Generation of Transactions / Vouchers

  • Manual Accounting Entries of Transactions

  • Ledger Posting and Balancing of Ledgers

  • Preparation of Trial Balance

  • Finalization of Accounts (Profit & Loss A/c. and Balance Sheet)

Advance VAT & CST :

  • Creation of VAT & CST Ledgers (as per Tally's requirement)

  • Setting up of VAT & CST Classes in Sales Voucher Type for auto Calculation of VAT  (if required)

  • Accounting Entries for VAT & CST

  • Generation of VAT & CST Reports & Forms





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