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Death Of A Hard Drive

Does Your Drive Sound Like This?


If your hard drive sounds like any of the above, it more than likely has suffered a physical failure. It is recommended you, power your system down immediately! Just pull the plug if you have to, and do not reapply power to the drive. Call us at +91-98725-30064 for more information about our services.




How to choose the right data recovery company

Nowadays  there are a large number of companies with different skills who offer data recovery service. Many of these companies use a lot of adverts in search systems, multiple web sites, different pictures with broken drives, but all this just good marketing tactics and some fake tricks.
There are not many companies who really can offer a professional data recovery service.
Most of DR companies appear to be just cheap repair shops with wide profile the staff of which consists of a pair experts.
These kind of workers can only try to restore data using downloaded free software from the web and they cannot not guarantee the result and could take money just for the attempt.
In a case of failure, they could worsen the condition through repeat attempts and in the worst case scenario, render the drive unrecoverable.
For these reasons, when choosing a data recovery company, only companies specializing in this type of service should be considered.  Many companies like to tout huge success rates of 90% or greater, some even goes as far as saying they can recover 98% of the jobs they receive. But can they really? How are they arriving at these numbers? Who audits them to verify their findings? Many times these are just numbers pulled out of thin air, and even if they are legitimate, there are so many exceptions to how they generated these numbers that it is at the very least, misleading the consumer.The fact is, no data recovery company can boast of such high success rates unless: A) they receive very few data recovery cases, B) they do not count drives that are severely damaged with scored platters, fire or flood damage, or C) they are extremely lucky and get very few severely damaged drives. In reality, it is probably more accurate to say that the average data recovery firms are only able to recover a little more than half the drives they receive. Probably in the neighborhood of 60%-75% on average. Not 90+%. There are many cases where a drive just cannot be recovered. Your data is basically held to the platter by a thin magnetic coating. If that coating is wiped from the drive when the platters are scored, it becomes "intellectual dust" floating around the inside of your hard drive case, and quite frankly, only God would have the ability to reassemble your information. It would be akin to having a nice snowman in your front yard, and suddenly a snow blower comes along and destroys it. Sure, the snow is still there, but you'll never put it back together exactly the way it was before. Unfortunately, hard drives are VERY exact, and for your data to be recoverable, everything has to be as perfect as possible. There is no magic piece of equipment that can rebuild scored platters, or read from severely corroded or warped drives. The intricacies related to a hard drives functionality rule out any possibility of miracle equipment that will some how restore data from a platter that has been wiped clean due to a head crash. Instead of lying to you with success rates that more than likely can not be substantiated with any supportive data, we back up our work by letting you know up front we don't get paid unless we recover your data. In other words our business, and it's sole survival, revolves around actually recovering data for as many customers as possible. With this kind of business model, we have to be good at what we do, and our continued growth is a testament to our success rate. You can be assured that we will exhaust every option we have available in order to recover your data.

The main criteria for selection:

- Choose only a highly specialized firm. If the company performs over services in addition to data recovery, such as installing software, chances are that the quality of service is small.
- A respected firm will not take money for diagnostics, which commonly only has a duration of no more than 10-15 minutes. This time is sufficient for a professional to be able to figure out the cause of data loss, to say how much it will cost and how much recovery time for this will be needed.
- A professional data recovery company only requests payment for their services after the work has been performed and getting a positive result. The client has the right to ensure the success of actions made ​​by experts.
- You can ask for real pictures of the equipment or class 100 clean room, to ensure physical work will be done in the proper conditions
- Be sure to ask if you can pay for the work by wire transfer, unregistered unreliable firms, of course, regret.
- If the organization is solid, and the staff are skilled, you must be explained what will be produced with the device, why it is needed, whether to buy a donor drive and how much the service will cost.
- It is unlikely that you will find a good company at a low cost, but you can be confident  that a positive result in the complete privacy is worth it.


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