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Death Of A Hard Drive

Does Your Drive Sound Like This?


If your hard drive sounds like any of the above, it more than likely has suffered a physical failure. It is recommended you, power your system down immediately! Just pull the plug if you have to, and do not reapply power to the drive. Call us at +91-98725-30064 for more information about our services.



 No Evaluation Fees / No Attempt Fees Free evaluation and free internal/external hard drive with every successful recovery. You pay nothing unless your data is recoverable. Call now for a free quote: +91-9872530064.

Dead PCB / Power Failure / Dead Logic Board

When a voltage spike or power surge occurs, the hard drives controller board is usually the weak spot that will fail. This is both good and bad. It's good because many times the logic board will act almost like a fuse or a breaker, and prevent the extra current from traveling through the drive and shorting out the read-write heads. This is not always the case, but in most instances it is. The bad part is, that the controller board of most drives stores unique adaptive data that can only be associated with the drive that it was originally a part of. In other words, it's very seldom that you can just swap out a controller board from one drive to another and get the dead drive functioning again.

We specialize in repairing dead controller boards so that your data can be accessible again. We can transplant components, work with surface mount devices (SMD), make repairs and do whatever may be necessary in order to get the drive functioning properly.





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