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Death Of A Hard Drive

Does Your Drive Sound Like This?


If your hard drive sounds like any of the above, it more than likely has suffered a physical failure. It is recommended you, power your system down immediately! Just pull the plug if you have to, and do not reapply power to the drive. Call us at +91-98725-30064 for more information about our services.



 No Evaluation Fees / No Attempt Fees Free evaluation for internal/external hard drive  You have to pay nothing unless your data is not  recoverable. Call now for a free quote: +91-9872530064.

What Classifies a “Clean Room”

Federal standards regulate necessary levels of ‘cleanness’ required for the different classifications of a clean room.

Those standards determine the number of particles larger than 0.5 µm per cubic foot. (µm is a thousand times smaller than a millimeter!) According to these standards, a Clean room with Class 100 ISO 5 allows for 100 particles per cubic foot.

Clean rooms carrying out HD data recovery procedures need to be class 100 ISO 5 in order to successfully and safely open your drive and recover your data. This is also important to make sure not to void the warranty on the hard drive.

ISO 5 has proven to be the acceptable standard when repairing damaged hard drives for successful data recovery.  

Our CLASS 100 ISO 5 clean room is equipped with special HEPA air filters, which are constantly removing air particles from coming in contact with the moving parts of the storage device.

The humidity and temperature inside the environment is also regulated.

Aside from these strict standards of safety, our lab is also under 24 hour surveillance, in order to limit any unauthorized access to your data.

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